4 Apps I Use to “Try” to Be Productive


Image result for wunderlist

My number one favourite to-do list app, and trust me, I have tried millions of other apps before deciding this one was the best one for me. It works on phones and on a web browser, and you can make different categories for you to-do lists. It even sends reminders. I use it to keep track of various things – school work, personal things, etc. Very useful app.


Image result for strides app

Strides is a habit tracker that is also available on both mobile and web. I personally use it to remind myself to take medicine/vitamins, exercise, write in my journal, etc. It’s a great app, it shows a calendar view of how many times you followed your habit and since I love visualizing things, it’s great for me. It also has reminders.

Chime (iPhone Only)

Image result for chime app

For someone like me who loses track of time very easily, this app is awesome. It plays a sound notification (which you can change) either every quarter hour, half hour, just before the hour, or on the hour. I don’t know why but it helps me stay in touch with reality and also be more productive.

Momento (iPhone Only)

Image result for momento app

I don’t know if this app is still available because I haven’t updated it in years (oops), but it’s a journaling app that I like to use to jot down little things that happen during the day that are funny or that I don’t want to forget, then I can look back and remember things that I have probably forgotten about. I also write down my dreams here sometimes. It’s great when I don’t have a notebook to write in.



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