Recently, I’ve been feeling that life is starting to go by really fast, and as it does I find myself forgetting to take time to think about what I am grateful for.

I don’t live the greatest life, and my anxiety and negative thoughts tend to make me think negatively a lot of the time, but I have periods of time when I start looking up and things around me seem better. But there are people out there who are living in a worse situation so

Things I am Thankful For

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  1. Family and friends – Although I don’t have many close friends, I am thankful for the ones I do have (online and offline) and my amazing family members (especially my sister and little cousins who are like my brothers).
  2. Parents who sacrificed so much to ensure me and my sibling have a good life
  3. Food and Shelter
  4. Being able to afford post-secondary education
  5. Being alive in this time and age, where technology is so advanced
  6. Living where I live – FIRST world country, living in a city which is very close to the most popular city in the country, meaning I have access to many resources and place

The list goes on and on, but these are the most important ones I should mention. Taking the time to think about these things can really help put you in a better mindset.


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