Recently, I’ve been feeling that life is starting to go by really fast, and as it does I find myself forgetting to take time to think about what I am grateful for.

I don’t live the greatest life, and my anxiety and negative thoughts tend to make me think negatively a lot of the time, but I have periods of time when I start looking up and things around me seem better. But there are people out there who are living in a worse situation so

Things I am Thankful For

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  1. Family and friends – Although I don’t have many close friends, I am thankful for the ones I do have (online and offline) and my amazing family members (especially my sister and little cousins who are like my brothers).
  2. Parents who sacrificed so much to ensure me and my sibling have a good life
  3. Food and Shelter
  4. Being able to afford post-secondary education
  5. Being alive in this time and age, where technology is so advanced
  6. Living where I live – FIRST world country, living in a city which is very close to the most popular city in the country, meaning I have access to many resources and place

The list goes on and on, but these are the most important ones I should mention. Taking the time to think about these things can really help put you in a better mindset.


4 Apps I Use to “Try” to Be Productive


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My number one favourite to-do list app, and trust me, I have tried millions of other apps before deciding this one was the best one for me. It works on phones and on a web browser, and you can make different categories for you to-do lists. It even sends reminders. I use it to keep track of various things – school work, personal things, etc. Very useful app.


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Strides is a habit tracker that is also available on both mobile and web. I personally use it to remind myself to take medicine/vitamins, exercise, write in my journal, etc. It’s a great app, it shows a calendar view of how many times you followed your habit and since I love visualizing things, it’s great for me. It also has reminders.

Chime (iPhone Only)

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For someone like me who loses track of time very easily, this app is awesome. It plays a sound notification (which you can change) either every quarter hour, half hour, just before the hour, or on the hour. I don’t know why but it helps me stay in touch with reality and also be more productive.

Momento (iPhone Only)

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I don’t know if this app is still available because I haven’t updated it in years (oops), but it’s a journaling app that I like to use to jot down little things that happen during the day that are funny or that I don’t want to forget, then I can look back and remember things that I have probably forgotten about. I also write down my dreams here sometimes. It’s great when I don’t have a notebook to write in.


Day 11 – Favourite Mech Anime

Hands down,

Gundam 00!

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It was the first (and probably only) mech anime that I actually loved. It has great themes, characters, and great mech designs – which Gundam is obviously known for. I can’t say much about the anime without spoiling most of it (LOL), but if you’re reading this then you should definitely give it a try.

Another “mech” anime I liked was Neon Genesis Evangelion, but it focused more on the emotional aspects of anime rather than the fighting/physical parts, so I won’t count it here.

I felt like rambling today

Sometimes, I just wanna get out this place and go somewhere far away, somewhere where no one knows me, somewhere where I can start fresh.

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I sort of had this chance when I started going to university. I commute to school, to the “big city”. I thought making friends would be so much easier but boy, was I wrong. There are way too many people there and everyone seems to be caught up in their own things. What makes it worse is that many people are also commuting from different places, so the friends I do have, I can’t see them often or at all. Life is great, eh?

Wanderlust to me, and wanderlust to other people are very different. I can’t ever carry out my desire for travel because I feel stuck in this rut.
Losing friends -> anxiety. Can’t make friends because of anxiety? Don’t want to do things alone because I feel lonely because of anxiety. The friends I do have barely invite me places -> anxiety lvl up.

See that? It’s a vicious cycle and I don’t know how to break it. So, I just sit at home all day and hang out with my family. I mean, I don’t mind it but it does start to get lonely after a while.
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I have a “friend” (more like acquaintance, since we barely speak anymore) who came to my school all the way from Mexico to study here. She comes from a very rich family, has lots of friends all over the world, and is a very likeable and pretty person. When I first met her, I felt like it was too good to be true – that I was friends with her. Turns out she doesn’t need losers like me in her life anymore.
Since our summer break started two months ago, she has constantly been travelling with her sister/friends – Morocco, Portugal, different places in Mexico, etc. I start to feel jealous of her. I don’t understand how people get the opportunities to do things like these – maybe I am just a super unlucky person in general.

We started off at the same place in the beginning of our first year of university – we met at the same orientation. We are getting the same bachelor’s degree. However, just a few simple circumstances led us to different places at the end of the first year. She was living on residence of course, I lived at home and commuted to school. Result? She made best friends with people living in the same residence as her, as they were all international students, and she connected with them so it was easier. As for me, I couldn’t talk to and connect with many people, my interactions all felt forced, awkward, and painfully one-sided. After I felt into my downward spiral and didn’t go to school for almost a month, no one noticed, no one asked me how I was doing. When I came to school to write my exam, the “friends” I once knew walked right past me in a group like I never existed. Feels bad man.


I just wanted to rant about a bunch of things all at once. I feel better now that I’ve gotten it out.

Day 10 – Favourite Fighter Anime


Naruto had some of the most iconic fights in the history of anime,  even though some parts of the anime were not as good as the manga in terms of animation, and it had too many fillers, this still counts. Since Naruto was one of my first long anime/manga series that I ever got into, a lot of these fights were really memorable for me.

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Image result for itachi vs sasuke gifImage result for itachi vs sasuke gif

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This show was pretty much flawless, and so was the animation style. The way they fight with alchemy really caught my interest and makes it unique from other animes so it deserves a spot here as well.

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Day 9 – Best Anime Villain

Maybe not the absolute best anime villain, but it’s 2:00 a.m., my brain isn’t functioning, and I am behind schedule because of irl things zzz

Dio Brando

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Dio is the biggest douchebag you’ll ever see in an anime series and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. However, he has glorious moves, fabulous fashion, what else could you ask for from an anime villain?

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He is aware of his beauty and he’s not afraid to show it. Although he did do some pretty horrible things that I absolutely do not condone… That’s what a villain is for, eh? I hate him so much, but that’s how you can tell he’s a good villain.

Day 8 – Favourite Anime Couple

I was supposed to post this yesterday…

Naruto and SasukeImage result for naruto and sasuke vs kaguya

Naruto and Sasuke are both characters that have much in common, yet also have differences that contrast each other. Both of them grew up in the village of Konoha but lived different lives. Naruto is a bubbly character who always seeking the approval of other people in the village since he had no family of his own. Since he was a Jinchuuriki (had the Kyuubi nine tails fox sealed inside of him), he was shunned and feared by the village which led to isolation. Naruto did not have any friends in the village, and the only person he could turn to was his sensei, Iruka. Naruto decided that he would one day become Hokage so he could prove his worth to the entire village.

On the other hand, we have Sasuke. He was the complete opposite of Naruto – cold, aloof, independent. He was seen by everyone as a genius, but similarly to Naruto, he grew up an orphan as well after the massacre of his entire clan. After the massacre, he decided that he would avenge the deaths of his clan and kill a certain man who caused all of this to happen. Even though Sasuke had attention and popularity from other people in the village, he chose to live a life of isolation and go on a path of darkness.

Naruto and Sasuke meet when they are put together on a team at the Ninja Academy called Team 7 with another student named Sakura. When they first meet, they have an accidental kiss in the classroom, which they both find disgusting. They basically decide at this point that they are rivals.

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They constantly argue about everything, meanwhile Sakura either tries to stop them, calls Naruto an idiot, or swoons over Sasuke like most of the girls in the academy. Sakura is so caught up in Sasuke and notices how they have a rival thing going on, so she belittles Naruto and picks on him for the fact that he has no parents. Sasuke comes to his defense and Sakura is shocked.

Later on, the team of young ninjas passes Kakashi’s test at the academy. As the series goes on, Sasuke starts to see Naruto as an equal and as a comrade that he respects. During their very first fight in the real world, Sasuke comes to Naruto’s defense once again – this time, by sacrificing his life for him, even though it would mean giving up on his sweet dream for revenge against his late clan.

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Naruto is put into shock, and as he experiences mixed feelings of anger, hate, sadness, he awakens his Kyuubi for the first time. They start to grow closer as equals, and Naruto starts seeing Sasuke as an equal as well, rather than someone he should envy because of his strong skills. At the preliminaries, Naruto cheers Sasuke on, and supports him through whatever may come. Sasuke risks his life again during his fight with Gaara, because he doesn’t want Naruto or Sakura to be hurt. At this point, Naruto realizes what he has been looking for his whole life – someone he loves who he could fight for and protect.

Sasuke tries to protect Naruto from his older brother Itachi, but fails to do so, which leads to downs in their friendship. After the encounter with Itachi, Sasuke realizes that he is still weak. He also realizes that his strongest ninjutsu, Chidori, was nowhere even near Naruto’s ninjutsu, Rasengan. He comes to a conclusion that Konoha is not the right place for him to be, and decides to set out on a journey, leaving Naruto behind.

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Many many things happen from then on, which if I described in this post, it would turn into a 5k word essay (seriously, I don’t want to go there); but in the end, Naruto chased Sasuke into the darkness, saved him from himself, and truly reminded him of what was important in life.

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Naruto and Sasuke are the sun and the moon, which cannot exist without the other.